Kurticus Music

The music of composer Kurt M. Mehlenbacher.

New Music


As much as I would like to say this piece was inspired by the concept of the Luminarias in Arizona, that would be a completely false statement.  In truth, the work pretty russian bride was commissioned and had several phrases written before any type of concept came to light. ...
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Stars and Spiderwebs

Something I like to call a "commission gone wrong." This piece was supposed to be kind of like a power ballad, but that is definitely NOT what it turned out to be.  While I slowly convinced Melanie that she wanted something a little more odd but still accessible rather than cheesy and what I would consider dishonest to my compositional ability (I don't dislike power ballads, but now did not feel like the time to start writing them). ...
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You Know of Time

This song cycle focuses on the tension and emotions of a couple separated by war.  In this particular situation, the commissioner has a husband that has been deployed in Iraq twice since he joined the armed forces.  Comprised of three songs, this cycle goes through the regular life » read more