Kurt Mehlenbacher at ASU

Kurt Mehlenbacher at ASU

There really is very little I feel I could say about myself that would make me stand out in anyone’s eyes.  Every composer’s bio will have their educational history, something that states that they’ve always been involved with music, and that they have worked with amazing composers and performers in various capacities over the years.  The reality of it is that very little of that matters.  What matters is that a composer continues to create regardless of the strokes their ego receives through the years; having people enjoy listening cultivates enough demand to inspire the composer to continue creating.  Having said that, I do offer the basic cookie-cutter bio that you will find on any other composer’s website, though I encourage you to examine my music first to discover what I am really about.


While growing up surrounded by his father’s love of standard symphonic repertoire and his mother’s activity in amateur musical theatre, Kurt’s formal music education did not begin until he entered the local middle http://hookuphangout.com/meet-girls/ school band on the clarinet.  His fascination with orchestral coloring lead him to pick up the bassoon in high school, and later become involved with the contrabassoon during his undergrad.

He pursued his Bachelor of Music in Music Composition at the University of Oregon studying with Robert Kyr and David Crumb.  Additionally, he continued studying bassoon performance with Steve Vacchi and began studying conducting with Robert Ponto.  He continued on to receive his Master of Music in Music Composition from Arizona State University, studying primarily with Roshanne Etezady.

The music he writes spans a myriad of ensembles ranging from larger wind ensembles, to mixed chamber ensembles, and all the way down to unaccompanied solos and duets.  Performances of such works have been heard in cities like Phoenix (AZ), Boston (MA), Ann Arbor (MI), Eugene (OR), Paris (France), and Utrecht (Netherlands), among others.

Aside from his own compositions, Kurt is the copyist for earthsongs music, as well as the co-host to Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer on the podcast Train Wreck in Progress.  Outside of music, Kurt is an avid coffee drinker and fantasy videogame nerd.

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