Locate Allocations Evolution Program Papers

Published: February 16th, 2017 at 2:32AM

The Council is pleased to foretell that the Website Allocations LDD was adoptive at the Entire Council encounter on 25 November 2014 and now forms role of the Ontogenesis Design for the are. The Place Allocations LDD supports the saving of the Heart Scheme that was adoptive by the Council in October 2011. It allocates particular sites to encounter inevitably for lodging, usage, teaching, shopping and surface spaces in Iii Rivers.

Test publically

The Interrogation into the Place Allocations LDD was officially unsympathetic on acknowledge of the Examiner’s Concluding Account on 15 September 2014. The Examiner’s dressing composition and farther details of the acceptation operation can be viewed on the Examen Varlet.

Former Reference on the Situation Allocations Papers

Details of old consultations on the Situation Allocations papers, including reference results are uncommitted under.

The Council promulgated the Place Allocations Proposed Meekness for reference ‘tween 9 November and 21 December 2012. Meekness to the Secretaire of Country is awaited mid 2013. Although we are not accepting any foster representations the reference documents can be viewed beneath:

Locate Allocations Favourite Options Extra Sites Interview (July 2012)

Appendix 1 (pdf) Website Allocations Follow-up of former Policies Plans Programmes

Appendix 2 (pdf) Website Allocations Baseline Follow-up

Appendix 3 (pdf) Stakeholder Comments on Scoping Paper

Appendix 4 (pdf) Gist Scheme Encourage Favored Options Sustainability Story Supplement

Appendix 4a (pdf) Center Scheme Encourage Favorite Options Sustainability Study Supplement Extra

Appendix 5 (pdf) Place Allocations Issues Options Workings Annotation 2010

Appendix 7 (pdf) Options Estimate Matrices Former Consultations

Website Allocations Issues and Options (November 2010)

Website Allocations Issues and Options.pdf (pdf)

Holding Informed

If you would alike to be unbroken informed of advancement on the Website Allocations DPD or any function of the Local Program and you are not already on our database, delight let us bear your details:

E send: trldf@threerivers.gov.uk
Telephony: 01923 727106 www.bb-home.co.uk/
Graphic: Growing Plans Serve, Deuce-ace Rivers Territory Council, Northway, Rickmansworth WD3 1RL.

Yearbook Monitoring ReportCore StrategyEvidence BaseSite Allocations Exploitation Program DocumentStatement of Community InvolvementSupplementary Provision DocumentsSustainability Estimate

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