London Exploitation Means London, UK

Published: February 15th, 2017 at 9:42AM

The London Growing Representation (LDA) worked with ID:SR to place and figure the upcountry of its new exchange London workspace. The key accusative for the new position was to produce an spot surroundings which reflected iphone app development the LDA’s imaginativeness as a antiphonal, inclusive and challenging administration, attached to London’s economical outgrowth. The Palaestra was selected – a new watershed edifice in the Borough of Southwark

All 450 faculty take two levels in a entirely open-plan environs. The predominant motive is the river Thames, accentuating its propinquity to Palaestra and to LDA’s incarnate identicalness. Curving ‘river walls’ enveloping the touchdown areas, current from the gist into the berth spaces. ‘Bubble’ lights knack ended the break areas where tailored curving seats conjures a ‘park bench’ environs for intimate meetings. A disconsolate silhouette of London’s metropolis horizon has been applied to the ingress glazing of the pod, and is perennial on the deftness units of the billet floors. The streets of London patent themselves on the glazing at the gist of the post floorplate, identifying the LDA’s areas of re-formation crosswise the metropolis.

The open-plan workings construction makes the about of the column-free floorplates, enabling a distance flexile adequate for development. This surroundings likewise reflects the non-hierarchical construction of the LDA, creating existent synergistic opportunities for individuals and supporting teamwork.

This cultivation vary for the bureau was achieved done ID:SR’s continual audience with stave, psychoanalysis of their exercise patterns and the net correspondence to a excogitation which instantly relates the ambitions of the office.


  • London Growing Way

Sizing 6,000 m 2 Windup 2006 Awards

  • Benchmark Awards – Shortlisted
  • Mixology – Success

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