Man or Myth: The $3 1000000 Google technologist

Published: February 15th, 2017 at 6:13AM

Finish hebdomad Job Insider (BI) ran a storey some a Google organise who blew off the whirl of a $500,000 pay from a inauguration because he was already devising $3 trillion a class, in earnings and strain awards, at Google. The history came from an nameless beginning, so who knows if it’s very genuine. But, since I’m e’er concerned in developers fashioning rattling pile. this one caught my eye and made me question, how naturalistic is it that a Google direct is devising that often?

Package developers qualification a 1000000 dollars or more annually are, sure, strange. Onetime Bulwark Street coder Sergey Aleynikov splendidly made a meg buck earnings as a genuine in-the-weeds code-writing developer, but a pay that gamey for a coder is especially strange. According to the U.S. Agency of Proletariat Statistics, in 2012, the medium remuneration for an coating package developer was $93,000, with just 10% of such developers devising more $139,000 in pay.

Understandably, so, any Google direct fashioning $3 billion annually is acquiring near of that in bonuses and/or neckcloth. But how often in non-salary recompense do Google engineers real pee?

According to Glassdoor, a website which collects self-reported recompense information from workers, hither’s how the invite Google package engineers breaks kill (based on 4,440 respondents):

Mean Aggregate Recompense: $144,652 (ranging from $78K to $550K)

Norm Pay: $118,958 (ranging from $78K to $215K)

Medium Cash Fillip: $20,946 (ranging from $20 to $100K)

Modal Broth Fillip: $30,933 (ranging from $125 to $200K)

Assumptive these numbers are exact and illustration of Google engineers generally (a bound of religion, certainly, but it’s the better information I could breakthrough), your intermediate lower-level programmer thither makes $145K annually, including stocks and bonuses. The gamey end was a $550K earnings, $100K in cash incentive and $200K in stocks, so approximately $850K p.a..

Glassdoor too has recompense information from fourth-year package engineers at Google (246 respondents). Hither’s how the numbers collapse for them:

Median Tally Recompense: $210,865 (ranging from $80K to $630K)

Norm Pay: $149,740 (ranging from $80K to $222K)

Intermediate Cash Incentive: $32,008 (ranging from $25 to $80K)

Ordinary Broth Fillip: $49,315 (ranging from $50 to $300K)

Elder package engineers at Google brand an mean add recompense of $210K. At the highest end, they piddle $630K, with $80K in cash fillip and $300K deserving of strain grants, scarce complete $1 gazillion annually.

Based on all this, $3 meg annually ios app development program is astir threefold the highest reported yearbook recompense for a Google organize. Does that beggarly the BI history wasn’t lawful and that no engineers at Google are actually qualification that lots? Not needfully. It could that the someone in the clause is rattling administrator in technology or a 10x mastermind (or, leastways, a 3x organize); that is, mortal with prodigious talents, skills and certification who basically does the employment of 10 engineers.

Commenters on the level on BI and Reddit birth posited that the $3 meg Google mastermind dubious is Jeff Doyen. a Elderly Chap in the Noesis radical who, wrote. is wide credited by Googlers for the glaring swiftness of the society’s illustrious seek locomotive. It would pee-pee much of signified that, if any technologist at Google is devising $3 jillion – and is a 10x orchestrate – it would be Jeff Doyen, who is understandably surpassing.

The takeout from all this? Google engineers brand goodness money, but flush for Google engineers, $3 trillion a yr is a unharmed lot of money.

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