Dance of the Muse

Commissioned by Melanie Garrett, trumpet
Cover Art by Ashlyn Gehrett

Dance of the Muse was written after a prolonged absence of compositional inspiration.  Those who I pulled my energy from were no longer available, and I found myself with nothing but a mud puddle to try and secrete the waters of creation from.  Searching high and low, I could not seem to find any ideas in my immediate surroundings, so I decided to plunge myself back into the world in which my musical desires first came from; the music of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

His works are what inspired me to go into music many years ago and has been a constant force and guide in my writings ever since.  I’ve always been astonished at how his music can contain so much passion. No matter what he wrote, it was more exciting and enthralling than anything else I had ever heard.  My muse had returned to me, and I felt the need to celebrate it.

Within the piece, there is a reoccurring motive that I use as a transition more than anything else. It marks various stages in the music, such as a climax in a section, or a prolonged phrase used to move into another part of the work.  There are also three melodic ideas that are presented throughout the work, two of which are used more along the lines of half melodies, as they tend to occur right after each other, interchangeably, or in fragments.  The third is only presented in its entirety twice, but is substantially longer and more active than either of the other ideas.  Half of a variation on the third melody can be heard in the trumpet, used more as a reminiscent vision than a melodic statement.  Amazingly straightforward, yet oddly unsteady, that is my image of my muse, always unexpected, though never unpredictable.

Dance of the Muse


Score Readable PDF Score of Dance of the Muse

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