Mutant Tadpole

Cover Art by Ashlyn Gehrett

There just is not enough music with contrabassoon in it.  I’m primarily a contrabassoon player, so I wanted to write something that had a contrabassoon in it.  This piece came simply from that desire.  It took me almost three months to figure out exactly what the mutant tadpole was, but in the end, I think the three-eyed, nine-legged, no-toothed amphibian finally came to the surface.  Your mind can do more explaining for you than I can, so just let it wander.

Mutant Tadpole


Score Readable PDF Score of Mutant Tadpole

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Kurt Mehlenbacher, composer  

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11/27/07 Reading Room, University of Oregon Knight Library Kurt Mehlenbacher, composer in Eugene [+/-]
05/02/07 Beall Concert Hall, University of Oregon School of Music and Dance Kurt Mehlenbacher, composer in Eugene [+/-]