Stars and Spiderwebs

Completed on April 25th, 2012
Commissioned by Melanie Garrett, trumpet

Something I like to call a “commission gone wrong.”

This piece was supposed to be kind of like a power ballad, but that is definitely NOT what it turned out to be.  While I slowly convinced Melanie that she wanted something a little more odd but still accessible rather than cheesy and what I would consider dishonest to my compositional ability (I don’t dislike power ballads, but now did not feel like the time to start writing them).  Regardless of what I wrote for her group, the promise was that the trumpet parts would be less demanding than those her last commission (my Concerto for Two Unaccompanied Instruments), which I think was achieved.

Ultimately, you know you have done well when you show the commissioner the first few pages of their piece and the initial response is “you bastard.”

Stars and Spiderwebs


Score Readable PDF Score of Stars and Spiderwebs