Now, Innumerable

Completed on June 26th, 2009
Text by Leah Soderberg
Cover Art by Ashlyn Gehrett

This piece came out of a previously failed collaboration with Arizona poet Leah Soderberg.  We were supposed to work together on a piece for string quartet and text for a concert held at the Phoenix Art Museum, but, due to a series of unfortunate events, we both ended up working on individual projects for the concert, where they were both presented.

Realizing that Leah is not only a very talented poet, but also extremely pleasant to work with, I approached her regarding text for a choral piece, a medium that constantly surrounds me, but for which I rarely write.  Discussions ensued, and by the beginning of June, I was sent a draft of a poem entitled “Now, Innumerable.”

The poem itself is quite dark, but not in a horrific fashion by any means.  There is little anxiety, fear, or anger presented in the poem; rather, a serenity or tranquility accompanies the poem’s darkness.  It would have been disastrous to attempt to focus on each individual word or phrase as I began discovering the music held within the words; instead, I embraced the darker feel of the poem and portrayed an atmosphere colored by the text rather than a world described by it.  The tonal language, though diatonic in nature, possesses many unresolved suspensions and quasi-cluster chords to emphasize a more hazy realm, while the range and dynamics are subdued to a relatively close and quieter area.  Even the climactic moment of the piece is short lived, only briefly breaking into a concurrent statement of the phrase “Tonight– take the earth, the sky it can never reach” that spans three octaves of the choir’s range at the highest dynamic of fortissimo, only to be submerged again into the more familiar sounds of the tonal clusters and suspensions.  The piece fades, reminiscent of its beginning, to a single note in the basses.

Now, Innumerable


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