Supernal Dragonfly

Completed on March 24th, 2010
Cover Art by Heidi Patterson

Supernal Dragonfly is the culmination of two years of study during my masters at Arizona State University.  It is a single-movement work that captures the duality of personae within a single being by the means of contrasting articulations and uniformed harmonic motion.  The first persona is a more agitated and twitchy creature, bouncing back and forth between its various surroundings.  The second is an image of extreme fluidity and grace; an image of a dragonfly elegantly coasting above the surface of a lake.

Supernal Dragonfly


Score Readable PDF Score of Supernal Dragonfly

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Oregon Wind Ensemble; Robert Ponto, director  

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03/06/11 Beall Concert Hall, University of Oregon School of Music and Dance Oregon Wind Ensemble; Robert Ponto, director in Eugene [+/-]