Soliloquio de Tango

Completed on February 9th, 2011
Commissioned by Terra Dee Warger, violin

The initial conversation for this commission went like this:

Me:  Terra, I’d like to write a piece for you.
Terra:  Cool!
Me:  How about a tango-ish thing?  Violin and piano?
Terra:  Sweet!

And so the verbal contract was made.  I had no actual intention of writing a real tango, but more of a faux tango.  It basically would be something dance-like that the average person would relate to be something like a tango; much like John Mackey’s Redline Tango, or the Moulin Rouge cover of The Police’s Roxanne (entitled El Tango de Roxanne on the soundtrack).  This basically meant that, while I did check out some Piazzolla (as performed on harmonica by Joe Powers), I was left mostly to my own misunderstandings of what a tango actually was.

What resulted was a piece that features the violin, but has an oddly uninvolved, yet highly integral piano accompaniment.  The form is a modified Rondo (ABCBA), which seems to be a very common general form for theatrical monologues and soliloquies, hence the title.  The end result is a violin doing its thing, a piano doing its thing, and if they happen to be doing it together, it will result in a sensual and seductive bastardized tango!

Soliloquio de Tango


Score Readable PDF Score of Soliloquio de Tango

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